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How Implanted-Supported Dentures Keep Smiles Stable

Just imagine a lovely picnic in the park, or an evening out at your favorite Pflugerville, TX restaurant. All is well until dinner is served. Suddenly, you find yourself faced with crusty artisan bread, corn on the cob, or thick steak and wondering: Will you be able to eat it without pain, and will your dentures stay in place? Most of all, how can you avoid this embarrassing, uncomfortable situation? The answer is implant-supported dentures (overdentures) from Elite Smiles of Pflugerville.

About Dental Implants

An implant is a small device made of titanium, usually similar in size to a tooth root. It is placed in the jawbone with minor oral surgery. Over the next few weeks or months, the bone will attach itself to the implant in a process known as osseointegration. Essentially, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root, and the human body accepts it as if it were natural.

The most obvious reason that patients choose dental implants is the ultimate stability of replacement teeth. No matter what you eat, you won’t need to worry about them slipping because they are attached to the bone. Furthermore, they help preserve bone health. Chewing or any other pressure applied to teeth is transferred to the root or implant, and then on to the jawbone. When this stimulation is lacking, the bone starts resorbing (shrinking).


Once I moved to Austin I knew I had to find a new dentist, but not just any dentist would work. After some extensive research and questions locals I landed on Elite Smiles of Pfluerville. Dr. Tucker and his team gave me a comprehensive exam and gave me the cleaning of a lifetime. Once I was cleaned up I opted to give whitening a shot. My teeth came out whiter than an albino living in a cave. Not long after my visit with Dr. Tucker I landed myself a girlfriend. Elite Smiles of Pflugerville, changing smiles and lives. You won't be disappointed.

C.P. Google

Dr. Jordan Tucker and his entire staff are amazing! I have never had a better experience at a dentist office than I did at Elite Smiles. Their compassion and understanding for the patient is indescribable. The dental work they do there is spot on! Dr. Tucker definitely has a patient for life!

C.H. Google

Dr. Tucker and his staff are amazing and genuine, they made me feel extremely welcomed and my experience with them is the best dentist experience Ive had without a doubt! The payment options they provide are outstanding and they explained things very thoroughly, being confused or unsure is NOT an option. I felt and still feel very comfortable with them so if anyones looking for a good dentist that cares about their patients youve come to the right place. Thank you Dr. Tucker and all of your staff for being so genuine, I will definitely be leaving here with an elite smile!!

C.C. Google

I started seeing Dr. Tucker back in 2018 in Temple when I started considering improving my smile. I had a lot of fillings as a kid that were now cracked teeth needing addressed first. Dr. Tucker did an amazing job fixing everything, and saved me a ton of money. He started his own office about an hour away from where I lived shortly after completing my work. Once I was ready to start the cosmetic work I went to 3 different dentists in my area who were okay, but I didn't feel great about moving forward with them so i decided to make the drive to see Dr. Tucker and he literally changed my life! I am in love with my my new smile and grateful for Dr. Tucker!

B.H. Google

Debbie, mr Jordan, and amber, Danielle are the best group of people. Mr Jordan and amber are a hilarious and made me feel at ease and answered my questions. I really love the atmosphere here and the music is r&b all day long. 10/10 on everything :) too bad mr Jordan’s taken 💙

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You may be an ideal candidate for implant dentures if you're currently using removable dentures or if you need dentures to replace most of your teeth. A big advantage over removable dentures, implant-supported dentures don't require soaking and adhesives. Implant dentures have fewer food restrictions compared to removable dentures, and implanted dentures can be treated like your natural teeth. The implanted post simulates the natural roots of your teeth, so your jawbone and gums are less likely to become weak. At your appointment, Dr. Tucker will assess your oral health to decide if your gums and jaw are able to securely hold the implants. If needed, bone and/or gum graft surgery can be performed to strengthen your mouth before the implants are placed.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implants are extremely versatile because they do not directly replace teeth. Instead, they replace the roots and can support many different types of restorations – including your own denture. Rather than topping the implant with a porcelain crown or bridge, we add a small attachment. Your dentures are retrofitted with corresponding attachments, allowing them to snap in place over the implants. Typically, just a few implants are needed to support a full denture.

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Benefits of Implant Supported-Dentures

  • End discomfort and denture sores caused by loose appliances
  • Eat anything you want, with confidence
  • No more messy denture adhesive
  • Preserve bone tissue
  • You can still remove your dentures for ease of cleaning
  • Secure your smile

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Can I sleep in my implant dentures?

It may be tempting to leave your implant dentures in overnight, whether from forgetfulness or convenience. However, we urge our patients to always remove their dentures at night and make sure they are cleaned properly. This treatment will ensure the longevity and efficacy of your implant dentures.

Can I eat with my implant-supported dentures?

With your newly-restored mouth, we know you will be excited to eat again! However, your new teeth will take some time to adjust. Here at Elite Smiles of Pflugerville, we encourage you to take your time and begin with soft, easy-to-chew foods. As your mouth adjusts to your new implant dentures, you will be able to notice a growing confidence in what you can eat and chew.

How can I keep my denture implants clean?

It's a good idea to treat your implant dentures with extra care and attention to cleaning. Just like your healthy teeth, we suggest brushing them twice a day for at least two minutes at a time. In addition, we can demonstrate to you how to floss your new dentures so as to keep them as clean as possible.

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