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What Patients Need to Know About Surgical Extractions

Nearly every tooth in your mouth serves an essential function and is important to your oral health. However, there are certain exceptions. Most notably, wisdom teeth (third molars) are not necessary for proper function, and they can be detrimental because there might not be enough room for them. This is one of the most common reasons for surgical extractions in Pflugerville, TX.

Differences Between Standard and Surgical Dental Extraction

A standard extraction is commonly called “pulling a tooth.” That is an oversimplified description, but not inaccurate. Dr. Tucker grasps the tooth with a specialized tool and uses precision techniques to loosen and remove it from the socket. That is the simplest method of extraction, but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes there is not enough strong tooth structure above the gumline to firmly grip with any instrument. Sometimes there are abnormalities in the portion below the gumline that prevent the tooth from slipping out of its socket. In these instances, to remove teeth, surgery is needed.

First off, I am probably one of the worst dental patients ever. Major anxiety plus a history of fainting, and the whole team handled me like pros! Noelle was my hygienist and she was so nice and patient with me. She explained everything to me calmly and was actually very gentle. She checked on me through out the cleaning and when she was finished, I was actually amazed that it was over and my teeth looked great! Dr Tucker and Senia took over and they were fantastic! I came in expecting to have 4 extractions and Dr Tucker told me I really only needed 2, and a bone graft to save my other 2 teeth. In full dramatic form, I had a full blown panic attack and passed out after the numming was administered, but Dr Tucker and staff were amazingly nice and patient. When I was finally ready for the hard part, they had me calm and even laughing at times. All of the dentists I’ve been to in the past have made the experience scary or have tried to scare me into getting procedures I didn’t really think were necessary. I know I’m not an easy patient but  Dr Tucker and team never once made me feel bad about it or guilty for my dramatic reactions! Thank you guys so much! You are definitely first class!

A.N. Yelp

I’ve visited the office 2x total for extractions (wisdom teeth). The second visit was an emergency extraction and they were able to fit me into their schedule immediately. Which interrupted their lunch break. The staff did not complain or bring this to my attention they simply CARED about my issue. Which is appreciated. Dr. P and staff are very kind, courteous, fairly priced, and professional. Being an adult who isn’t exactly fond of seeing the dentist, they made me feel comfortable and explained thoroughly every move they’d be making and were realistic on the pain vs. pressure aspect. My husband and myself will continue to use this office in the future and have recommended many friends and family members to do so as well. The ONLY drawback is the phone. I wished there were someone who answered the telephone. But on the other hand I’ve always left my name and number and received a call back within an hour or two. I’ve always excused this as the staff is an "all hands on deck" crew. When I’m in the office (waiting for my appointment) I can hear the phone ringing but I also notice the receptionist handling a patient (checking out, checking in, or simply answering questions) and making face to face interaction her priority. Which working in customer service & patient care this is how it’s supposed to be done.-Laura K.

J.W. Yelp

Dr. Tucker and his team were amazing. I had to have two extractions today to prepare for implants as my insurance expires tomorrow. We expected the whole procedure to take 2 hours - it took 8 because my teeth gave us trouble. He was compassionate, caring, and kind through the whole event and didn’t give up to ensure that I would leave the office safe from the infection we’d found in two failed root canal from another dentist. He and his team talked me through the procedure start to finish and made sure I was cared for. Despite it being a hard procedure, I would absolutely be back! As someone who has pretty significant dental anxiety, that says a lot about how amazing this office is!

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About the Procedure

A surgical extraction is more complex, involving several instruments and techniques. The exact process varies depending on the situation. When possible, Dr. Tucker uses a method that involves splitting the tooth, allowing him to remove it neatly in just two pieces. It is faster and more convenient for the patient and typically has a speedy, complication-free recovery.

For many patients, the thought of oral surgery is alarming. Thankfully, the expectations are much worse than the reality. Some people suffer from a broken, decayed tooth or impacted wisdom tooth until unbearable pain drives them to the dental chair. As these people could tell you, surgical extraction is a wonderful procedure with few complications and tremendous relief.

If you are postponing a visit to Dr. Tucker because you’re worried that you may need surgical extraction, here are a few things to consider:

  • Dentistry has advanced dramatically over the years. Modern pain relief is effective and surgical techniques are precise. Wisdom tooth removal surgery – or virtually any other modern oral surgery – is really a quite minor procedure.

  • We offer oral sedation, which can quell anxiety and help you feel relaxed throughout any procedure.

  • Elite Smiles of Pflugerville is not a typical dental office. Although we adhere to the strictest standards of sanitation and technical excellence, it does not have the cold, clinical atmosphere you might expect. You will feel more like you are visiting family than entering a medical facility.

  • Treating patients like family is not just a motto, it is the way we operate. Dr. Tucker’s decisions and recommendations are not based on how many patients he can process in a day, or what your insurance will cover. He will give you an honest opinion about what is best for your health, just as he would for his own parent or sibling.


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